Gamification & Game-Based Learning


  • Lehrerfortbildung BW

  • 2018-2019

As a disseminator for the Department of Education of Baden-Württemberg in the field of ICT in education, I was part of a group that created a training module on the subject of gamification and game in education.

The training module consists of an escape game, in which the participants experience gamification and games in the context of various school subjects.

The framework consists of DEiSy, the soul of the educational platform, locking the participants into a room due to a data leak. During the period of isolation, they are encouraged to occupy themselves by having a look at different training modules. What DEiSy does not know: in the learning modules there are codes that can be used to open a box containing the key to the room.

The four modules are the following:

  1. VR: A participant with a city map guides a second participant, who is in the city with the help of a VR headset, in English to various houses, under which parts of a code can be found
  2. Coding: A drone has to be programmed so that it takes a picture of a code that would otherwise not be accessible.
  3. Minecraft: Two players must work together to solve art and science puzzles that result in a code.
  4. Classcraft: A virtual scavenger hunt on history.