Une aventure franco-allemande


  • Albeck Gymnasium Sulz | Collège Madame de Stael Paris

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  • 2014-2015

The project "Paris Sinn-voll erleben | Explorer la Forêt-Noire de tous les sens" was a project that accompanied two Franco-German exchanges in 2014 and 2015.


  • Linguistic goals: to express yourself in everyday life in the foreign language, (digital) storytelling 
  • Communicative goals: cooperation with the exchange partner, mutual help
  • Action-oriented goal: Document the stay in the partner country and creatively present what has been experienced in the form of a multimedia project and invent stories about everyday noises
  • Methodological and social goals: to work with a partner from another country and in a large binational group
  • Intercultural goals: perceive and reflect differences and similarities between the two countries, perceive the other country with all senses
  • Digital skills: Joint development of multimedia products using ICT