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What a weird world are we living in …?

Posted on 23 Sep 2009 in Black Forest Ramblings | 0 comments

… where all the values I was raised with and base my decisions on, the values that guide me, seem to be all mixed up and reversed all of a sudden even though they seemed to be perfectly alright a few minutes ago?

As I am looking around me and at people I really care about I can’t help but increasingly wonder about the world I see. When did people who have convinced you over a long period of time that they share your values and your worldview completely, that they are trustworthy and really like you, people who even told you they liked you very much, start to believe that honesty is when they tell you beautiful words they apparently don’t really mean, words and promises that are never followed by any real actions? When did they get the message that it is suddenly okay to ignore you all the while telling you they care a lot about you even though you can see that something has changed? Who told them that beautiful words followed by no action whatsoever hurt less than being told the truth?

Do these people really believe in their own words or are they blinded by the values they were brought up with and led to believe that what they are doing is consistent with these values when in fact they do the opposite? And more importantly, are they doing it on purpose or just because they are fooled by their own minds so they don’t have to feel bad about themselves because they hurt people they supposedly like?
… or are they just afraid (or incapable) of dealing with the real world because it involves a little more effort so they create their own, parallel world where they can pretend to keep up these values even though they really don’t?