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It’s getting increasingly colder, inside and out

Posted on 16 Dez 2011 in Black Forest Ramblings | 0 comments

As the days are getting colder people cuddle up in their warm living rooms, maybe even light a fire and sip hot chocolate or a glass of wine to keep themselves warm. This is probably the only way to get over the cold winter until the first days of spring make us want to spend time outside again.

However, what about the coldness that we experience when dealing with people? How can we protect ourselves from this inner coldness that seems to be getting more and more hold of society?

It’s so terrible to hear mothers talk without any palpable emotions and in the presence of those very children they have raised to be who they are about putting them into far-away boarding schools because they’re fed up with dealing with their misguided behavior. It is sad to sit next to your boss or colleagues who stab you in the back just because they have an opportunity to do so without having to fear consequences. It is simply wrong that people who have done everything they could to upset you have the nerve to tell you you’re aggressive. It is a mystery how children can insult and even torture their peers right under the eyes of adults and basically get away with it. Finally, it is completely incomprehensible that people who have shown you they do have a heart can expect you to tuck away your emotions on cue and become as cold as they pretend to be.

Society is meant to be a good thing, a community of human beings respecting each other and finding a way of living together in harmony. Of course there are always people we won’t exactly like but whether we like them or not we should find a way to live and let live as long as we don’t suffer from it. However, some of the people we randomly (or maybe not so randomly) run into are meant to “stick” and to be a part of our lives. Some are just meant to be your friends while others are meant to be so much more.

In theory, it is those people who should encourage us to stand by our emotions, should be there in good times and in bad times and should realize that even though you might appear calm and collected and oh so strong deep inside of you you are vulnerable, too, and sometimes need a shoulder to lean on because the strength you show to people is just the protective shield you have built around you just because society is getting colder and increasingly indifferent to anything but individual needs and the fulfilment of an egoistic mentality. And, of course, it is your “job” to do the same for them.

In practice, however, it increasingly looks like these very people have become victims of the icy atmosphere that is slowly taking over society, too, which is why even though they continue to verbally encourage you not to follow the current trend and “get over” your emotions for some reason expect you to tuck them away whenever it fits them. Moreover, it seems like as long as they’re at a safe distance they find back to their former selves and realize that emotions – no matter what emotions we’re talking about – are what makes people feel alive and that they are something good. However, as soon as the distance is getting smaller they seem to back off, put their own emotions on ice and expect you to do the same thing instead of allowing their emotions, no matter what their nature might be, to take over and guide them wherever they might, regardless of rational considerations and defying the very iciness that seems to be slowly creeping into society, freezing it and that may very well lead to the disintegration of society as a whole. After all, wars have been triggered by people being indifferent to other people’s suffering and what harm can a few random emotions do except providing you with happy moments and memories and maybe the want for more happy moments and memories thereafter? Since it is not so much about the “where is this going?” than the fact that the journey is the reward.

If people realized (and lived) this, I think mothers would start caring about their children again no matter how many stupid things they might do, your boss and colleagues would provide you with the opportunity to actually do your job because you don’t have to always watch your back, people would communicate with you and try to solve problems together instead of creating new ones and arousing negative emotions, children would have fun together and be rewarded by leaving school prepared for life instead of being masters of torture, and people would spend a lot of happy moments with the people they care about and maybe realize that spending a few happy moments here and there with someone doesn’t mean giving up anything they want but might actually enhance the pleasure they take in doing other things instead of adding the extra-baggage caused by the current trend. 

However, looking at the current state of things, I just can’t help but wonder: Although it is as sure as death and taxes that winter will be followed by spring when it comes to the seasons, when is spring finally going to come back to society?